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Sunday, May 15, 2005

New website provides guidance on disruptive technologies offers articles, essays, and presentations

Oakland, Calif. --Because the accelerating rate of technological change will have profound impacts on society, Ben Delaney has launched a new website to address this issue. Delaney has spent the past thirty years observing and shaping technology. He is a leading expert in virtual reality, visual simulation, and other advanced technologies. President of CyberEdge Information Services, Inc., his ability to explain complex concepts in plain language have made him an internationally respected speaker, writer, and advisor.

The website,, designed by the award-winning Ck Kuebel (, includes articles, essays, and presentations.

Delaney addresses many aspects of high technology, especially how it is leading to a “Beyond Darwin World”, in which human beings assume control of their own evolution and, through the widespread use of cybernetic prosthetics, attain supra-human powers.

The technologies leading to the “Beyond Darwin World” include nanotechnology (the technology of the very small), medical/bio technology, computing and communications technology, and energy technologies. By the time today’s kindergartners are starting families, these disciplines will have arrived at “tipping points” leading to major changes in nearly every aspect of society.

Delaney explains, “the convergence of these tipping points will lead to a fully virtualized world, in which real and virtual experiences are almost indistinguishable. People will have cyber-telepathic powers, enabling them to communicate simply by thinking of information and where they need to send it. Likewise, they will be able to access vast amounts of information by simply posing a mental question. Communications will be facilitated by wireless, computerized devices, implanted in their bodies.”

Much of this technology is already being developed. “The social issues need to be addressed now”, Delaney says, “to prepare us for the inevitable disruptions they will cause by the mid-21st century.”

Ben Delaney is available to discuss these ideas in public presentations or private briefings. He offers advisory services for senior management that facilitates planning to address the serious impact of advanc


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