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Monday, February 28, 2005

Stereographics sold to Real D

Here's some news that knocked my socks off. Makes good sense, but still a big surprise.

REAL D Acquires StereoGraphics Corporation to Deliver the Premium Visual Experience for Entertainment and Other Industries

REAL D will set the Industry Standard for the Delivery of 3D Entertainment

Feb. 22, 2005, LOS ANGELES - REAL D, pioneering the industry standard for the delivery of premium stereoscopic experiences, today announced the acquisition of StereoGraphics Corporation, the world's leading inventor, manufacturer and supplier of stereoscopic hardware and software. REAL D will leverage StereoGraphics' 25 years of experience in developing mission-critical technologies for companies like NASA, Pfizer and Boeing to create the platinum-standard for stereoscopic experiences in the entertainment industry.

Through this acquisition, REAL D will become the first company to provide the entertainment industry with a multitude of solutions for the delivery of premium stereoscopic experiences capable of reaching sizeable audiences. Already, the REAL D solution is being enthusiastically embraced by executives in the entertainment, exhibition and advertising industries who are seeking competitive advantages to combat rising competition from other media, such as in-home theaters, cable and DVDs. The REAL D solution also allows exhibitors to realize additional revenue streams from the presentation of stereoscopic movies, alternative programming and high-impact advertising opportunities.

"StereoGraphics has an impeccable track record of delivering best-in-class stereoscopic technologies to leading companies worldwide," said Michael V. Lewis, Chairman, REAL D. "REAL D will harness StereoGraphics' vast scientific and manufacturing expertise to introduce new solutions for content creators and exhibitors who are seeking a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing entertainment industry."

Unlike traditional 3D projection technology that requires two projectors, the REAL D solution allows a single digital projector to play the highest quality stereoscopic content while remaining fully compatible with existing and future 2D digital formats. This model offers exhibitors the maximum flexibility in the types of content they wish to exhibit.

"For decades, the scientific, medical and manufacturing industries have relied on StereoGraphics' patented technology to advance their research and development," said Joshua Greer, CEO, REAL D. "Now, REAL D is applying these advancements achieved by StereoGraphics to architect the unparalleled visual experiences for audiences everywhere."

StereoGraphics, based in San Rafael, Calif., was founded by Lenny Lipton, the foremost pioneer in stereoscopic technology and prolific inventor holding patents in virtually every area of stereoscopic display technology. In 1996 Lipton received an award from the Smithsonian Institution for his invention of CrystalEyes®, the first practical electronic stereoscopic product for computer graphics and video applications. Lipton will become Chief Technology Officer of REAL D.

"I believe REAL D has the passion, leadership and vision to realize my original dreams for stereoscopic technology," said Lenny Lipton, founder of StereoGraphics and Chief Technology Officer of REAL D. "I'm ecstatic to work with the collective team to apply my expertise to forge new ground in the entertainment industry."

REAL D will announce the company's rollout strategy later this year.

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